Common Request Headers

The following describe common HTTP request headers as used in h5serv:

  • Request line: The first line of the request, the format is of the form HTTP verb (GET, PUT, DELETE, or POST) followed by the path to the resource (e.g. /group/<uuid>. Some operations take one or more query parameters (see relevant documentation)
  • Accept: Specified the media type that is acceptable for the response. Valid values are “application/json”, and “/. In addiiton, GET Value (see GET Value) supports the value “application/octet-stream”
  • Authorization: A string that provides the requester’s credentials for the request. See Authorization and Authentication
  • Host: the domain (i.e. related collection of groups, datasets, and attributes) that the request should apply to

Note: the host header can also be provided as a query paramter. Example: