Like datasets (see Datasets), attributes are objects that contain a homogeneous collection of elements and have associatted type information. Attributes are typically small metadata objects that describe some aspect of the object (dataset, group, or committed datatype) that contains the attribute.

Creating Attributes

Use PUT Attribute to create an attribute. If there is an existing attribute with the same name, it will be overwritten by this request. You can use GET Attribute to inquire if the attribute already exists or not. When creating an attribute, the attribute name, type, and shape (for non-scalar attributes) is included in the request.

Reading and Writing Data

Unlike datasets, attribute’s data can not be read or written partially. Data can only be written as part of the PUT requests. Reading the data of an attribute is done by GET Attribute.

Listing attributes

Use GET Attributes to get information about all the attributes of a group, dataset, or committed datatype.

Deleting Attributes

Use DELETE Attribute to delete an attribute.